This is really happening now!


Things the GOP are doing NOW that will make life harder and more dangerous for most Americans, but will yield large tax cuts for those at the top.

If this collusion angle leads to Trump himself, we may actually have a Russian asset and a traitor in the Oval Office.

Russian Scandal:  Just six months in I can say "I told you so"  I believe time will show Trump is under the direct influence of Putin. It's quite possible that Trump's asking about pardon power reflects his fear of criminal charges for his son, staff and himself.  I really don't think he really cares about staff though. Problem is the granting of a pardon assumes the commission of a crime and the acceptance of a pardon implies an admission of guilt.  This is scaring the hell out of Trump because he more than anyone knows what skeletons lurk in his closets. He had a good chance to keep those hidden until he decided he wanted to be president.  This could cost him his position if the GOP ever grows a pair.  If he goes the pardon route they may have no choice but to impeach because a pardon admits to crimes against the nation.  If the GOP remains firmly attached to his butt, they could well go down along with the ship.

There can be only one logical reason for Trump to try his best to stop such an investigation, and the same reason is why it must continue to the end. He really has something serious to hid from us.

Presidential pardons only apply to Federal crimes.  His financial dealings as may be exposed via this investigation may uncover state crimes as well and he has no control over their prosecutions or investigations.  If Muller is wise he will be sharing any culpable information with state's attorneys as he uncovers it to be sure that information is not somehow squashed and hidden by Trump's administration.  Trump may be able to pardon family for federal crimes but they could still wind up behind bars on state charges.

Voter Fraud Scandal:  Trump's ego was bruised when he lost popular vote. Since he is psychologically unable to accept any personal short coming he has decided to lash out against the American voters instead. The whole "commission" thing is a sham and it does not have the best interest of the nation at it's core. You know this because there is no talk at all about assuring all eligible citizens are registered to vote and actually have equal access to the polls in every election.  They are misusing portions of the "Motor Voter" law to twist states into purging polls but ignoring the major purpose of the law, to get every citizen registered and out to vote.

The have asked for (and been refused so far) for a list of every registered voter along with a long list of personal information including party affiliation and voting history. This is suspicious as party affiliation alone should raise red flags as that has nothing to do with voter qualification.  But with such a dossier on every voter in hand, how much easier to intimidate just those who vote for a particular party?

Repeal Obamacare (ACA): This has been a high priority of the insurance industry and wealth special interest since it was enacted. This repeal is not about anyone's health but it is about wealth of a few.  Even ACA, a small step in a right direction, was more about insurance regulation than actual health care. Members of Congress are not concerned with the health of the average citizen but they are worried about the wealth of the insurance industry which is taking billions in profits out of our pockets before a dime gets to your doctor. They simply don't want to treat sick people because that costs too much money!

The repeal is having more trouble than Trump or the GOP expected because while conservative talking points tried to make ACA out to be a villain, when it actually comes to taking health care away from 20 million Americans, the right-wing rhetoric is ringing hollow even with fellow conservatives who stand to lose out.

The GOP is doing it's best to take from the poor to give to the rich. As they make golden promises to help you they are trying to remove your access to health care, lower the quality of your children's educations, make higher education for your children harder to obtain. Make America Dirty Again.  EPA under GOP rule plans to allow more pollution, less regulation all of which puts you, your family and our environment in danger.

Look for more "Flint Poising" scandals as the right continues to put money ahead of people.