Legalizing of Mass Murder Started Today

July 25, 2017

When I chose the domain name for this site I was speaking financially, income inequality. 

Today the stakes rose to include your right to life.

The GOP plan could kill more Americans in three months than terrorist kill world wide in a year.


Congress Death March


The US Senate's Republicans got just enough votes to start debate on how many citizens it would be acceptable to kill in order to give tax breaks to their rich and powerful campaign donors.

( As of midnight they lost the first round of votes to repeal with no replacement )      

This is not metaphorically, it is REAL DEATH we are talking about.  American lives to be sacrificed on the alter of capitalistic greed.

Harvard University said In 2009, prior to the implementation of The ACA (Obama Care) as many as 45,000 Americans died because they could not afford health insurance.

"...uninsured, working-age Americans have a 40 percent higher risk of death than their privately insured counterparts..."

If you can't see a doctor in some cases you will die. That happened 45,000 times here in America just in 2009. In comparison we lost fewer soldiers in the entire Vietnam War than in half that time  period at home due to insurance companies trading citizens lives for private profit.

Obama's plan, even with admitted flaws, probably saved around 320,000 American lives. 

The Republicans standing alone are fighting as hard as they can to reverse this, putting 45,000 fellow citizens in risk of dying from preventable causes.

Beyond the loss of life they are approving and accepting, is a higher cost for those left who can buy insurance.

It could push the elderly out of nursing homes to....where?  Is grandma going to be sleeping under a bridge somewhere so people like Trump's family or the Koch brothers can buy another jet or a bigger yacht?

One of the only things that has slowed this death march has been an outcry from the public who's lives are considered expendable in the GOP quest to reward the wealthy for their support with massive tax cuts.

If they pull this off Americans will die every day and Republicans (and their rich masters) simply don't care because most of us are Expendable Americans.

Is your life or the life of a loved one worth sacraficing for a CEO bonus and a campaign contribution?