Targeting the Expendables

The GOP is actively targeting the a "merely" average and poor Americans.  Here is a list of current attempts to take even more from their own constituents.

GOP trying to make college even more expensive for average citizens.
Slash $120 Billion from student loans. Slash Pell Grants down to less than 29% from former 79%. .
In a world of high tech jobs, poor education equals poor lifetime prospects for a better future.
Move to eliminate public service loan forgiveness main impact on the poor.

GOP trying to eliminate the 32 year old Life Line program (No Obama had nothing to do with this, he was still in school)  to provide phone and internet to low income families and seniors. 

This program is not just about a free phone for low income families.

  • It is a public safety issue. Being able to call for help in an emergency (911) is a must, especially for seniors and disabled.
    How do schools contact parents in an emergency with no phone? How do children contact parents for help?
  • It is a jobs issue. If you apply (often online) but have no email or phone a prospective employer has no way to contact you.
  • It is an issue of access to government programs online. Almost all programs are now managed online from Medicaid, SNAP, Health Care, Insurance etc.
  • It is an issue of access to education, information and news. Home school becomes nearly impossible without Internet access.
  • Its an issue of maintaining ties to community and family. Grandma can't talk to children and grandchildren.

UPDATE: The current version would only end the subsidy for cell phones but keep landline subsidies intact. The problem with this is that we are more and more a mobile society and most working Americans are not always home where they can take a call.  Emergencies such as auto accidents by definition cannot call for help from home when you are miles away.  Also the tax you pay on your current phone bill remains in place so you will still pay the tax  that provides this service but now it has become another tax revenue for the General Treasury. It's another sneak-tax by the GOP on average citizens.


It is a consistent trend on the right to target average Americans while handing special privilege to the few at the top who support their elected seats.


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