Greed has a face and a name, Shkreli.

UPDATE: 8/4/17 Shkreli found guilty in Federal Court.  Convicted on two counts of securities fraud and one count of conspiracy.

While not having an exclusive claim to being the most greedy American he does fit the description of "Poster Boy" for American greed and capitalism that is big pharma.

"Just because he could" He decided he had a legal way to steal millions of dollars from the taxpayers and from insurance companies so he did it. ( I have less sympathy for insurance companies however).

There is a 65 year old drug often used in HIV treatment called Daraprim.  It is marketed by Turin Pharmaceuticals which was purchased by "Mr Greed" Martin Shkreli, a "Wall Street" millionaire.   Prior to Shkreli's take over the drug cost patients about $14 per pill.  After Shkreli's greed kicked in he raised the price to about $750 per pill.  That appears to be the only reason he purchased Turing, to price gouge Medicare, and Insurance companies.  The Medicare gouge comes out of taxpayers pockets directly, the insurance gouge comes at the cost of higher premiums for everyone.

He does not care because he can steal this money legally so to Mr. Shkreli, the profits are all that matter. Some people will do anything for money, including sacrificing other's health.

He is currently on trial for Fraud not necessarily related to this dirty deal. Three is some suggestion his arrest may have saved him from assignation by a gang.

Shkreli's trial began with the problem of finding jurors who did not already hate him because of his open and sick greed.  Big Pharma was not so happy either not because they don't often rip off the American people themselves as a normal course of business, but because Shkreli pulled them into the spotlight of corporate greed in America.

Hackers released Shkreli's home address and contact information online.

Senate report: Shkreli is as bad as you think he is.

Imagine having to take a just one pill that costs almost as much as you earn in an entire year?*

The Face of American Greed and Evil
American Greed and Evil Martin Shkreli