You have been lied to

( Lies are in no particular order )


Why lie in the first place? Because the truth would put them out of power.


LIE ONE!  Trickle Down Economics

First really big lie to take down the middle class was uttered by Ronald Reagan's administration.

"Trickle Down Economics" was a corner stone of Reagan's plan for us.

  • The Theory:  Give the rich ever bigger tax cuts and the money they save will be spent creating more jobs for the rest of us.
  • The Facts:  Simply does not and will never work. Trickle down does not work


Did Trickle down create jobs? Sure, ask any middle class Chinese family !

In the era between WWII and Reagan, the wealthy were taxed at a much higher rate than today. Our economy was booming and the middle class was buying cars, homes, goods and services. Kids got a decent education then could go on to college or decent paying jobs.

The rich did not like that. They got their GOP and some Democrats buddies in congress to drastically cut their share of the burden, shifting it to the middle class. Our middle class has been declining since then yet the wealthiest class has prospered greatly, moving wealth out of our pockets into their own.  Trickle down was supposed to work the other way around.

A booming middle class, not the wealthy, is the source of growth and prosperity in capitalist economies.
It was middle class spending that made the wealth, not the other way around.

It sounds like a good plan on the face of it but it depends on the wealthy actually wanting to make more wealth for the rest of us.  After all the more "We" have the less for them.

Just look at what has happened since the Bush recession of 2008.  It took years for jobs to come back and those were low paying jobs. At the same time those at the very top got a HUGE income boost after our tax dollars bailed them out of their own hole.

The GOP has relied on this well tested lie to trick voters into keeping them in office despite the continued decline of the middle class. Somehow the GOP has managed to convince far too many voters that their problems are all the fault of the left even as the right keeps shifting wealth upstream to the rich with repeated tax cuts.  The eventual looser is always the poor and middle class who lose services in order to shave costs to pay for tax breaks for those who don't need it.

There are NEVER any strings attached to a tax cut for the rich.  There are lots of promises but when there are no results no one is held accountable. I could be persuaded to support a tax break for the wealthy if it came with some stipulations and performance requirements.  Cuts should be available ONLY when there are actual good paying full time jobs created as a result.  No jobs, you lose the cut and pay back any you already claimed.

LIE TWO!  We won't touch your retirement income.

When you work an honest job, you pay part of your check toward your retirement. Social Security and Medicare.  This safety net was designed to prevent the rise of a poverty stricken, and ill population of senior citizens.  It works but does need a tweak now and then as the age disparity grows.

The GOP has sought ways to eliminate or privatize (sell to corporate interests) your future. Imagine what could have happened to tens of millions of seniors in the Bush recession if their SS checks stopped because they had been in private insurance that collapsed.


LIE THREE!  Our (GOP) health care plan is "Awesome"

Much of senior medical support comes from the states via Medicaid.  The current GOP plan, besides wiping out healh care for 22 million Americans directly, cuts hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars from Medicaid as well.  Put those together, well the rich will still have all the care they need, a big tax break, and the rest of us can just die if we don't have the cash.

Legislation in this area was never about health it is and always was about Insurance regulation. Were the goal of congress ever to assure a healthy population we would already have single payer care similar to what most modern nations have already. Similar to what we already have for our veterans.

Given the fact that congress is first and foremost there to represent wealthy corporate interests, their first priority is not to assure care, it is to assure profits for insurance companies.

Not a dime of insurance profits ever provided anyone (except their CEO's) with health care. This was true of ACA (Obamacare) and is even more the case for the GOP's current proposals.

Plan, Ignore collateral damage

The GOP wants a "strong health insurance industry" not a strong health system. It is their intention, at the direction of the "industry" to roll back regulations to permit these for-profit insurance guys to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions, place caps, decide if your future life is worth paying for etc.

Before Obamacare about 40,000 Americans died each year of preventable causes but insurance companies kept more profits so all was well with them.

Before Obamacare many families, struck with devastating medical bills were forced into bankruptcy and foreclosure. But insurance and banks made out so all was well with them.]

Before Obamacare there was no incentive for young people to buy insurance so the cost was spread between fewer people. Insurance companies picked the healthiest to honor with coverage at reasonable rates leaving the rest unprotected due to high premiums.

LIE FOUR?  Corporate tax's kill jobs

Just for an eye opener, Most major corporations pay NO income tax at all. GE, Verizon, Exxon, Bank of America and many others even managed a "rebate". Those that did paid an average of just 13%. The GOP's false tale of high corporate taxes killing jobs is pure bunk. Propaganda for the uninformed voters.

How do they avoid paying you ask?  There are two basic types of corporations, S-corp and C-corp.  The S-corp was intended for smaller companies to make it easier for entrepreneur ship to thrive. But big corporations have taken advantage because it permits the passing of profits directly to share holders who are then taxed on the dividends paid.  The corporation pays no tax with the taxes being spread out among the individual share holders.  When tax time comes, dividends are taxed at a lower rate than we must pay on our labor.  This results in no corporate tax and a tax rate on corporate profits that are lower than you and I pay.  You really think the GOP law makers don't know this?


LIE FIVE?  We are plagued with massive voter fraud.

What can I say but pants on fire lie.  Over decades the reported cases are so tiny as to be insignificant and never has one of these VERY RARE cases ever effected an election.

But why tell such a lie Republicans?  It's simple. Convince voters of something that does not exist so you can promise to "fix" it if they elect you. Let me be politically incorrect. Voters are stupid and easily manipulated if you have the cash to control the message.  Numerous ( only GOP controlled legislatures ) have passed a flood of restrictive voter registration bills aimed at limiting participation at groups who statistically vote Democrat. The right to vote is a right guaranteed by the US Constitution yet numerous states seem fine with doing all things possible to deny this fundamental right to large portions of their population to gain a political advantage.

LIE SIX?  Challenging income inequality is "Class Warfare".

When ever any liberal politician talks about taking on the problem the GOP immediately cry "Class Warfare".  Since it is the right most benefiting from the inequality their cry foul is understandable. It is one of the go-to responses, probably written down is some secret playbook.  If it were the time of the French Revolution, THAT would be true class warfare.  The fact is there IS class warfare taking place but it is the average American is the class under attack by those at the top.

LIE SEVEN?  We must eliminate the "death tax".

First point, this tax applies to perhaps 3% of all tax payers in the US. And the estate tax is not paid by the person who had the money...he/she is dead!  It is paid by heirs who receive that money as income from the estate. In 2008 only 0.18% of estates paid any tax.  This tax is exclusively a tax that applies to the very richest people who want to continue the family dynasties. Almost a third of ALL billionaires inherited most of their fortunes.