Wealth and Health

There is a significant correlation between your financial status and life expectancy.

Harvard University finds that here in the US, the bottom quarter of our population in terms of financial status now has a life expectancy about on par with the Sudan. On average if you are poor in America you can expect to live 10 to 15 years less than the average or wealthy American.

“It’s not an overwhelming correlation with medical care or insurance coverage,”

Health Inequality Project. Graphic courtesy of David Cutler

"...while life expectancy has increased for the wealthiest, it has edged up only slightly for low-income Americans."

While the study suggests more information is necessary, it cannot be denied that access to adequate health care including access to health knowledge regarding life styles, eating habits etc. all contribute to a longer life. While the study did not claim a correlation between having insurance it is undeniable that not having access to care, especially in early stages of otherwise preventable or curable disease, does lead to premature deaths.

Congress, specifically Republicans, have little interest in the life span or health of the lower classes or even the middle class her in the US. Their focus remains on the welfare of the top 20% or higher.

Until we have health care for all including health education for all, we are not going to see many of the medical advances "trickle down" to the average person. As more and more of our nations wealth becomes concentrated at the top, those at the bottom can expect they and their children will continue to die at a younger age.

It's not just the nations wealth that is rushing to the top, our very lives are being reduced in the process.

Income Inequality is also Health Inequality