Can We Do Anything?

Yes, but the window is closing. If the far right and their wealthy owners can continue along this path we will no longer have a democracy. Some say we are already effectively an oligarchy now.

The French revolution grew out of similar inequalities with the added "bonus" of having no vote in what happened. Many nobles lost their heads, literally beheaded!  Others took what treasures they could grab and fled the country. It took a violent revolution for the French citizens to gain control of their own country and to escape virtual slavery by the kings, and the wealthy class.

We still have a right to vote. While the GOP is feverishly working in the states to take that away from many, as long as everyone is willing to go with the plan, jump through the hoops and sidestep voter intimidation, we can implement term limits.

Money is root means by which politicians remain in power. It is sure not by doing well by the people as evidenced by the terrible things they do to America in the name of private profit. But they count on those generous donations and secret PAC funds to keep them in power.  Those who invest in their seat in congress are expecting and get access and compliance to further their profit driven agendas.

We poor voters are expected to believe all the TV and radio ads paid for by those who have a personal stake in the outcome of each election.

Gallup reports historically that Congress' approval rating has NEVER exceeded 28% with a number in the teens most common.  Yet 90% of the time the same people are sent back to DC by the voters.

Does this make sense to you?  Me either. But politicians rely on our short memories and well funded propaganda wars each election cycle to stay where they are. And we keep buying it

There is an oft-quoted definition of insanity; "Insanity is repeating the same action over and over while expecting different results".  If this applies to politics then voters are insane to think anything will change by re-electing the same people to power time and again.

Wealthy "invest" in buying politicians for one reason, it works.  There is no way in hell anyone will bankroll politics unless they are sure they will get what they want in exchange. This is the real swamp all politicians swim in.  Money talks, loser walks.  It applies to liberals and conservatives alike.

Lets just take one example: Ron DeSantis of Florida's campaign raised almost  $7 Million. ( Of that $7 Mil, labor donated a whopping $125 ) His closest competitors in the GOP Primary had $288,000 to spend, most of it his own money.

His Democratic opponent had just a bit over $45,000 to spend.

Politicians don't win on their abilities or merits, they win on how many people they can get to contribute to their campaigns.

We let this happen when we could easily press the MUTE BUTTON on every political add, instead head to the internet to learn some facts of each person.

We have two paths to fix this. First is to VOTE and NOT vote for the incumbent.  If we show our willingness to kick people out of office, then do it again when they don't serve the people, it will stop them from spending as much money on what is no longer a sure bet.

By removing the incentive to fund political power, we the people will begin to regain access for ourselves. Politicians will have an incentive to listen to us as the only  means to preserve their spot in Congress.

Push for a few of constitutional reforms.

  • Term limits for congress.
  • Campaign Finance Reforms
  • Corporations are not persons.
  • Voter protection/universal suffrage.
  • Elimination of Electoral College