Who do you blame?

Look in the mirror. How much effort did you personally put into understanding the motives and intentions of those you voted for?  Did you even vote? Do you listen to political ads or do you play it smart and mute your TV set? ( Those are not factual, accurate and often outright lies )

We e get the government we elect.

Most wealthy think the poor have it easy.  This makes it hard to get the true message across to political leaders who cater to the rich and ignore the average and poor.

The consensus among many wealthy is that government cannot afford to do more for poor Americans.  This ignores the fact that these same wealthy are robbing the government and the people of that ability by demanding ever lower taxes and special consideration that starves the government of resources.

Beyond the fact that the system is being rigged against the average American by the very politicians WE elect to represent us, we keep sending them back to office believing things will be different next term.  They never are.

In fact politicians and those who really tell them what to do, count on us being too dumb to notice what they are doing and too dumb to learn that we can vote them out of office.

But now they are in power who is causing the shift of our national wealth away from the average into the hands of fewer and fewer people?

The blame, of course, floats to the top just as crap floats.  But since those at the top cannot directly write laws to their advantage they effectively "hire" congress to work for them. Yea we still pay the salary but we are not who they work for. The GOP in particular, works exclusively for the wealthy. [ read this article by one of their own insiders ].

Democrats have not always done the right thing either. Those at the top of the power ladder in Washington and in many states, are beholding to wealthy special interests for campaign support. No one can take a large sum of cash and then bite the hand that gave you your job.  This is the swamp all politicians are swimming in and those at the top encourage this. It is how they leverage their wealth to control legislation in their favor.

Sure you may contribute to a campaign. Perhaps you gave as much as $1000!  But when your Senator gets two calls, one from a donor who gave a million dollars and one from you, who's call will he take?

Both people get only one vote but only the one with the cash gets his demands heard.



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