What's the worst that can happen?

Faux buffoon Jim Jeffries often uses the appearance of ignorance to make some very insightful observations. To bad you can't see him online unless you first pay a cable company. Such is Corporate greed that they collude to trap you like that.

But he made a point that inspired this topic.  We all make errors all the time. Some we catch and correct. Some come to bite us in the butt later.

Some are choices we make that may or may not turn out to be an error.  Where there is a choice do you choose the one with the least possible negative consequence for you in the end?

A clear example has to do with religion.  Do you choose to believe or not?  If you choose the option to believe when you die you were wrong what's the worst that can happen.  Well...nothing.  If you error on the side of not believing and you are wrong what can happen? Well assuming the myths are true you might wind up in hell!  Error on the side with the least consequence.

The example Jeffries related to had to do with global warming and what choices we make as individuals with regards to our own carbon footprint while we walk the Earth.

Follow the Fossil Fuel industry lead or follow the believers of global warming?  If you follow the "industry" and they are correct what happens to us? Nothing.

But if the "industry" is wrong (they are) we can all die !

On the other hand if we wean ourselves from burning everything in sight for energy and learn to use what is already free and abundant and we are wrong what is the worst that happens?  Nothing, the world spins happily and cleanly along until the end.

So error on the side of burning fuels possible worst outcome...we kill our environment.

Error on the side of NOT burning fuels worst outcome...we don't harm environment and live happily on. If we are wrong then we still go on happily to the end.

Safe bet?  Stop burning our own planet's finite resources for energy we can get free.

You can apply this test to any long term commitment you may encounter.  Just ask "What's the worst that can happen"?